Benefits of Barter

Top 10 Reasons to Barter with Great Trade Solutions, Inc.

1.   INCREASE SALES ... Great Trade Solutions, Inc. will promote your company through our network and affiliates. You’ll reach new customers with our sales force. Our members choose to patronize other members, instead of paying cash outside of the network.

2.   CONSERVE CASH ... Reduce cash costs by paying for them with revenue generated by new barter sales. When you purchase something using Great Trade Solutions, Inc., it will be paid for with new sales . . . new sales that would not have happened without us!

3.   INCREASE EFFICIENCY ... Fill idle time and sell excess inventory. Our trade brokers match you with businesses and individuals looking for your goods and services and, in return, you’ll have access to goods and services locally and worldwide!

4.   BARTER SALES LEAD TO CASH SALES ... Do a good job, and you will be referred to cash-paying affiliates, friends and family. Growing your company will be linked to referrals from your satisfied customers!

5.   WHOLESALE BUYING POWER ... Using barter, the real cost of the products and services is the wholesale cost of your trade dollars earned. Making sales with built-in profits makes the expense of your purchases more economical on trade!

6.   NO BAD DEBTS ... We remove the hassle of billing and collections. Call us or use our on-line authorization system to get approval before providing the goods or services.

7.   EASY ACCOUNTING ... Great Trade Solutions, Inc. works like a bank, providing control, keeping records, and supporting an administration for your barter activities. You need not keep track of the dollars traded. Great Trade Solutions, Inc. provides you with an easy-to-read detailed monthly statement. We make it simple for you!

8.   NO INTEREST CREDIT LINE ... Apply for a no-interest barter line of credit. We offer your company the chance to buy goods and services at 0% interest!

9.    EMPLOYEE INCENTIVES ... Offer trade dollars as an employee benefit. You could offer your employees vacations, dental, or optical services, health club memberships, restaurant vouchers and so much more!

10.    IMPROVE YOUR LIFESTYLE ... Indulge in a more luxurious life-style with the barter you earn. Send your kids to camp, go to the spa, take a limousine for dinner and a show ALL ON BARTER ... the opportunities are endless!